We love a bit of rule-breaking every now and then, but

This is ‘our’ space… So do take care to post only material that is of interest to the ATREE community

Guidelines for ATREE Young Researchers Network Blog Submissions

The Basics:

  1. We are a community with very wide range of interests and also different philosophical/ theoretical leanings. When you send in articles, please be aware that there will be challenging questions that you may have to resolve before your post is finalized. While we do encourage blogs from a variety of topics, we request you to link your topics to issues that concern your work or ATREE’s work as an institution.
  2. Word limit is 1000 words per blog – if you want to write longer articles, perhaps stories or philosophical churnings we suggest that you send it to us in maximum of three parts. Please note that we hold the discretion on whether to post all parts in one blog set release or as separate releases.
  3. Your own words: Copy-pasting is a strict No-No. We want to encourage you to write in your own words. Complex ideas need simple words so, keep it simple! We don’t want our readers running for their dictionaries and thesauruses to decode your writing. Our team will support you in every way to address such language issues. Further, we encourage you send us fresh content or ‘refreshed’ content that has not appeared elsewhere.
  4. Photo-stocks, illustrations: As far as possible, use your own photos and illustrations. If you have downloaded any images please acknowledge the source.

You can submit your blogs under any one of the following sections:

  1. Around the field: Experiences, anecdotes, do’s and don’ts of your natural and social science fieldwork. We encourage you to write about not just ‘what you saw’ on the field but perhaps ‘questions you were confronted with when you saw’ those situations on the field.
  2. You and Your Research: One’s dilemmas, progress and eureka moments while doing research. Does your work make you confront ethical dilemmas? What makes you passionate about your research work? Perhaps you want to share a more popular take on your recent publications?
  3. Stories in Pictures/ Graffiti: for when you feel a picture speaks a thousand words.
  4. Book/ Documentary Reviews and Recommendations:Need we say more?
  5. Out of the Box:Other things that you think you would like to share with the research community and society, but which don’t quite fit into the above-mentioned categories. Especially with respect to events and other activities you have been a part of in ATREE or relate to environment, science, society and on-going issues of concern. e.g. the table tennis tournament, volunteering activities, workshops attended, etc.

When you send articles to us, ensure the following;

  1. Please use the official email id only for any communication with the AYRN team: We like to keep our editing process transparent within the group and all editors have access to the on-going communication.
  2. Send us word (.doc) files with the material you want to post as blog. File names should have your name. Images should be included within the content with captions. Please send us your entries with the name of the section (as mentioned above) in which you want to post them.
  3. Images should also be sent separately in ‘.jpeg’ format in a zip folder. Image files should have your name and numbering. Each file should not be larger than 2 MB.
  4. Your article should have a suitable title.
  5. Location – with place name and state, biographic position, date whenever relevant
  6. 100 words about you and your work in the post-script
  7. Have patience: A blog involves two to three rounds of editing before it gets published. Authors, editors and reviewers are all working in areas where connectivity could be a problem (either to the internet or to the mind…he he…). A kind reminder always helps. As does patience.

Note for Readers:

Comments: Be Nice! We welcome critiques and comments – in fact we encourage them! Being nice while doing so, we hope, is not too tough.