About AYRN

Dear Friends,

The ATREE Young Researchers Network (AYRN) as a blog originated in 2016 to encourage the many voices in the multi-talented pool of young researchers of ATREE – Research Assistants, Research Associates, Interns, PhD students, M.Sc. students and non-academic staff. This diversity hides the many gems that lie in different offices, classrooms, research groups and community conservation centres. We hope that we can together use this space to discover life (academic and non-academic) in the various pockets of minds of the young researchers here. We have seen many interesting, engaging, thoughtful, and artistic contributions over the years. We hope that we continue to do so. 

We are home to not only talented people who are amazing at what they do at work but also have many hidden artists, sports lovers, singers, bakers, avid travellers, and many more.

We are all storytellers and a good story sometimes is unable to come out because the writer is not sure of their writing skills, doesn’t get the required feedback and encouragement, or just doesn’t believe they have a story to tell. We at AYRN believe that everyone can write and are here to support all those who want their stories to be heard. 

 The only catch being that the writing should be related to a) your research, or b) its contribution to science and society, or c) keep in mind the relevance to the group at ATREE, or d) highlight the many interesting ways that you find joy or overcome challenges in the execution of your tasks, e) the many challenges and your journey as an academic or thinker. You can check our Guidelines here.

Welcome to this small effort at encouraging folks to share and embrace writing.

This blog is currently under the watchful eye of the following ATREE volunteers: Priya Ranganathan (PhD 2021), Arjun Kannan (PhD 2019), Chetan Misher (2017), Prachi Kardam (2017), Chitra Lakhera (2015), and Anooja Anil (M.Sc. 2021). For any queries and complaints feel free to contact us at ATREE. 

Our past volunteers include:

Faculty Reviewers: Veena Srinivasan, Ankila Hiremath, Aravind Madhyastha, Soubadra Devy, Durba Biswas, Ulka Kelkar, Kartik Shanker, Megha Shenoy, Milind Bunyan

AYRN blog management volunteers: Anjan Katna, Anuja Anil Date, Nita Shashidharan, Chitra Lakhera, Apoorva R., Nakul Heble, Hita Unnikrishnan, Ruth Pinto, Venkat Ramanujam, Vikram Aditya, Ananda Siddhartha. 

We are thankful to all our contributors as well as current and past volunteers for helping AYRN grow as a medium.  Looking forward to seeing this platform grow and give wings to many  more interesting contributions over the years. 


Blog Header: Image Courtesy – Barkha Subba

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