By Apoorva. R

“The little sparrows were freely hopping and flying here & there,
Pecking on grains scattered on the floor.
As I stood patiently watching them on that quiet afternoon
Much like the many afternoons where time stands still….
The sparrows seemed to be least disturbed.
Not even by the children running around
And people busy in their day-to-day things.

How fortunate, I was thinking, that they are at least here….
Taking me back in time to my childhood when they played around
In the jasmine shrub and the little hole in the wall of the adjoining house.

Little sparrows, as you leave us and go away from our concrete worlds
With invisible waves that hurt and drive you away….
How will our little city children of today and tomorrow meet you
And make friendships that are precious, and beginning to look rare?”

Gubbachi’ is the Kannada word for sparrow. This poem was inspired watching sparrows on a late afternoon in the outskirts of Bangalore. 


About Apoorva

Apoorva R is a researcher at ATREE. She is interested in water resource sustainability, approaches to improve access to safe water, and systems thinking to understand and find solutions to environmental and social problems. She often contemplates on the city, nature and its people during her long commutes across the busy city.



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