Rewilding the Arctic Fox – The Dovrefjell Breeding Centre

By Anjan Katna

Norway has been at the forefront of the Arctic Fox rewilding effort. Arctic Foxes have been facing threats due to rapid land-cover change, climate change, corresponding range expansions and hunting. These foxes are important species for the ecosystem and their numbers in the past had reduced to just one breeding pair in 1980. Thus, a breeding and rewilding program was initiated involving research institutions and government agencies. This particular breeding centre is situated in an abandoned stone quarry. Breeding pairs are cared for in separate enclosures that imitate their natural habitats and sub-adults are released into the wild periodically. The male fox seen in this photo was released after maturity but decided to stick around the breeding centre itself, making its den between orifices within the stones.


Figure 1
Figure 1: The Arctic Fox Breeding Centre In Dovrejfell
Figure 2
Figure 2: A residential area close to the breeding centre
Figure 3
Figure 3: One of the sub-adults inside the breeding centre
Figure 4
Figure 4: A sibling duo in the centre
Figure 5
Figure 5: Black morph of the Arctic Fox
Figure 6
Figure 6: Norwegian meadows!!!


About the Author: Anjan is a PhD student at ATREE. His work involves examining the movement strategies that enable survival of mesocarnivores (golden jackal, jungle cat and Indian fox) in spatially and temporally varying human-dominated landscapes. Previously, he has worked in the climate change and sustainability sector. He likes travelling and photographing various aspects of the nature and environment. His blog can be accessed at

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