Welcome to the ATREE Young Researchers Network

Greeting and Call for Participation

Dear Friends,

As this message is being typed, a familiar phrase rings a bell in the ears “The pen is mightier than the sword.” We have the power of communication and non-violence on one hand and the extremism of violence on the other. As researchers’ our primary might lies in the power of words. Words with which we raise questions, construct arguments vocally, in print or sometimes just in our heads, words with which we make our voices heard first to ourselves and then to others. This blog aims to hear the many voices in the multi-talented pool of young researchers of ATREE –  Research Assistants, Research Associates, Interns, PhD students. This diversity hides gems that lie in different offices, classrooms and departments. We hope that we can together use this space to discover life (academic and non-academic) in the various pockets of mind of the young researchers here. Welcome to this miniscule attempt to do so.

The “We” is us. The “We” is the identity of the blog. Without your participation, this is just another online forum that shall disappear with time. “We” have varied interests, experience, academic and non-academic background and talents. “We” have stories and “We” are longing to hear more…

This month’s blog features articles by – Chandrima Home, Rahul Muralidharan and Ranjeet Kumar Sahani.

This is just the beginning. The platform is open and now looks forward to your participation. Let the game of words begin.

(This blog is currently under the watchful eye of two PhD students – Nita Shashidharan and Hita Unnikrishnan. For any queries and complaints feel free to contact us at ATREE.)


ATREE Work Seminar – Picture Courtesy: Ovee Thorat

Blog Header – Picture Courtesy: Anoop N.R.

For editing suggestions and other guidance: Dr. Kartik Shanker


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